Podiatrist Andrew Burns joins The Health Hub!


I completed undergraduate podiatry studies at the South Australian Institute of Technology, now known as the University of South Australia and have continued with post graduate studies in Podiatry and Exercise Physiology. I have worked as a Podiatrist for over 30 years and have been actively involved in the Australian Podiatry Association Continuing Professional Development Program, maintaining professional accreditation.  I have gained considerable clinical experience at a number of international institutions and have given academic presentations on the physiology and mechanics of running at podiatry conferences, at the University of South Australia, at the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine and the Arizona College of Podiatric Medicine and I have been a regular presenter of workshops and case studies.

1)All patients can expect to have a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan, according to their needs with quality continuing care as needed.

2) My goal is for each patient to be able to return to a comfortable pain free lifestyle as soon as possible. Appropriate diagnosis is the first step in a more specific and therefore successful treatment program.

3) Whether you are a competitive athlete or recreational sports participant, or your podiatry needs are related to day to day activities;  treatment should be directed not just at the problem but also address the causative factors to prevent re-occurrence.

4)I can provide assessment, diagnosis, advice plus treatment for lower limb and gait problems with consideration of children, their age, sport and recreational activities.

I have a special insight into training induced injury and traumatic injury. I can assist in lower leg injury management and rehabilitation, providing a range of therapies, including lower limb needling/acupuncture, foot and ankle joint mobilisation techniques, Shock Wave Therapy  for chronic soft tissue  injuries,  as well as specific  remedial exercises.  I can also provide assessment of bike set up and cycling for triathlon / duathlon.

As part of a holistic approach to foot care. I provide general foot care, the removal of corns and callus, the management of difficult thickened nails plus ingrowing toenails as well as a  comprehensive neuro– vascular  assessment, as well as liaising with Doctors and other health professionals as a part of diabetes management.

Andrew consults every Monday afternoons. To book an appointment call The Health Hub on 1300 556 766.

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