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The Health Pod: Talking Pregnancy

Episode 1: Planning Planning for a pregnancy can be an exciting time, but there are often a lot of questions that arise.  In this episode, Dr Lane joins Fiona Dorman from “Go Ask Mum” to discuss some of the common questions surrounding pregnancy planning, including: Dietary supplements Fertile period Calculating cycles Infertility   Episode 2: …Read more

Pregnancy – GP Shared Care

If you suspect you are pregnant or you have had a positive result from an over-the-counter pregnancy test, the first thing to do is go see your GP to confirm the pregnancy and have a check-up (and by the way, congratulations!). If your pregnancy is considered to be low risk (meaning that there is little …Read more

Sleep – what’s that?

“Sleep – what’s that?!”, I often hear parents of babies or young children ask. When you have a baby or young child in the house, sleep becomes a new form of currency to be traded between parents (“you had more sleep than me so you can do the next nappy change!”).  When your child has …Read more

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