The Health Pod: Parenting

Dr Lane Hinchcliffe is joined by Petrea Nancarrow, mum of three, in this Health Pod Parenting Series in which they talk about babies and the first 12 months of life. Nothing is off limits in this thought-provoking, funny and informative five-part series.

Episode 1: After the birth
Those first few weeks after bub is born is such an exciting time, but there is also a sense of stress and concern that follows first-time parents. Dr Lane joins Petrea Nancarrow in this episode to discuss those first few weeks after bub is born: breastfeeding, sleep (or the lack thereof) and the struggles and stress that comes with first-time parenting.


Episode 2: 4 – 6 Months
In this episode Dr Lane and Petrea discuss all the exciting things that happen in the first 4 months with a newborn, including:

  • the neonatal check in hospital
  • the 6 week check
  • colic, settling, spilling after feeds
  • common concerns like blocked tear ducts and flatness of the head
  • introducing solids and allergies


Episode 3: Vaccinations
In this thought-provoking episode, Dr Lane and Petrea discuss vaccinations; the controversy and recommendations behind vaccinations in Australia and why the evidence suggests vaccination is such an effective way of preventing horrible illness occurring in our community.


Episode 4: 6 – 12months
Now bub is 6 months old and they’re really starting to show their little personality. Dr Lane and Petrea talk about milestones, teething, dental care, constipation and so much more in this jam-packed episode.


Episode 5: 1- 2 Years
In the final episode of the Health Pod Parenting series, Dr Lane and Petrea talk all things toddlers and children, including:

  • social development
  • 18 month health check
  • interacting with your toddler/child
  • starting school
  • support networks for parents


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