Rhea Bergmann on Non-Diet Nutrition

We can be confident and comfortable in the fact that if we listen and respond to our natural cues signalling hunger and satisfaction, include all foods that we enjoy eating, move our bodies in ways that feel wonderful to us and take care of our social and emotional well-being – our bodies achieve a weight that is just right for us. We all come in a range of different body shapes and sizes, just like we come in different heights, eye, skin and hair colours. And a size does not indicate the health of an individual, nor can you judge a persons health by the way they look. Your body and weight is your own unique and personal entity to be cared for – not punished, restricted or criticised. In 2016 I encourage you to join me in embracing non-diet nutrition – our natural and innate capability of feeding ourselves and leave the crippling fear of fat and weight behind. If you would like to rediscover how to eat in order to care for yourself and improve your well-being without a focus on weight – I’d love to be a part of your healing.
What is non-diet nutrition?
  • A nutrition counselling approach that teaches individuals how to eat, with an awareness of internal signals of hunger and satiety for improved well-being.
  • The approach appreciates and encourages body diversity– healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes.
  • Weight or body shape change is neither a goal nor an expected outcome of treatment.
  • The focus is on encouraging self-directed health enhancing behaviours, without focusing on the scale.
  • It promotes the enjoyment of all foods- no restrictive eating or cutting out certain foods.
  • It is person and well-being centred – focusing on an individual’s relationship with food and feeding their body.
  • There is no counting of energy intake or meal plans
  • A calm, relaxed and non-judgmental attitude towards eating therapy that enables an individual to experience food without guilt or anxiety.

Is it right for you? Are you confused about how to eat?

Do you:

  • Have weight or eating concerns?
  • Feel stuck by “food rule?
  • Eat to avoid painful emotions or when upset?
  • Feel judged, stigmatised or shamed because of your weight and/ or the way you eat?
  • Have an existing chronic disease?
  • Have a history of dieting to “control” your weight?

This approach can help you find a calm and non-judgmental way of relating to food, feeding yourself and enhance your abilities in taking care of your body for optimal health and well-being.

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