Holidays and a few unwanted ‘souvenirs’

Winter and especially July school holidays are a time when many South Australians look to warmer climes and head off overseas – particularly to Asia or the Pacific with great flight and accommodation deals readily available. Amid the anticipation of leaving a cold wet Adelaide and lazing by the pool or beach, one very important …Read more

Ugh, I think I have the flu!

It’s one of the most common phrases I hear across winter. In fact, many of the people who think they have the flu often have another type of less painful virus. If you truly get the flu you’ll know all about it as anyone who’s been there may testify. The pain is horrific and may …Read more

Surviving The Fringe

The Fringe Festival has officially begun again for another season of fun, frivolity and, quite frankly, fabulous entertainment all round. Featuring world class music acts, you can dance the night away at the Royal Croquet Club or be lured by the twinkly lights of the Garden of Unearthly Delights. With venues clustered together, you can …Read more

The Health Pod: Parenting

Dr Lane Hinchcliffe is joined by Petrea Nancarrow, mum of three, in this Health Pod Parenting Series in which they talk about babies and the first 12 months of life. Nothing is off limits in this thought-provoking, funny and informative five-part series. Episode 1: After the birth Those first few weeks after bub is born is …Read more

The Health Pod: Talking Pregnancy

Episode 1: Planning Planning for a pregnancy can be an exciting time, but there are often a lot of questions that arise.  In this episode, Dr Lane joins Fiona Dorman from “Go Ask Mum” to discuss some of the common questions surrounding pregnancy planning, including: Dietary supplements Fertile period Calculating cycles Infertility   Episode 2: …Read more

Pregnancy – GP Shared Care

If you suspect you are pregnant or you have had a positive result from an over-the-counter pregnancy test, the first thing to do is go see your GP to confirm the pregnancy and have a check-up (and by the way, congratulations!). If your pregnancy is considered to be low risk (meaning that there is little …Read more

My child worries a lot – should I be worried?

Some kids are afraid of the dark. Some kids are scared of dogs. Some kids develop a tummy ache on their first day of school. And some teenagers experience worry around exam time. Worry is a pretty normal part of our lives. Feeling a bit anxious is a natural reaction to a stressful or dangerous …Read more

Advice from an arachnophobe

Anyone who knows me well knows that if there’s one thing I hate, it’s spiders.  Can’t stand them.  And growing up in Sydney’s bush area, I have many horror stories of my past encounters with the eight-legged monsters.  I actually remember the days when we were encouraged to catch funnel webs in the garden, put …Read more

Sleep – what’s that?

“Sleep – what’s that?!”, I often hear parents of babies or young children ask. When you have a baby or young child in the house, sleep becomes a new form of currency to be traded between parents (“you had more sleep than me so you can do the next nappy change!”).  When your child has …Read more

Child + Rash = PANIC??

Rashes in babies and children are very common and are often not serious or even completely harmless. But there are certainly some situations in which seeking prompt medical attention is worthwhile. Rashes vary in their presentation and severity. Some are itchy, others can be sore – many are neither. Sometimes they come and go by themselves, other times …Read more

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